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Erin R.

Victoria, B.C. Canada

“Like many of the sceptically inclined out there, I first thought that hypnosis was simply an over-rated, sensationalized, New Age mode of alternative healing deemed real by placebo addicts. Being a scientist I found it a near impossibility to agree with the nature of hypnosis despite many claims that it actually worked. It was not a surprise to me then that the very notion of the “conscious” and the “subconscious” bothered me just as the possibility of UFO sightings bothered me. Maybe it was the fact that things not proven by science meant to me, that they couldn’t possibly exist outside of the mind; things that possibly existed were part of a very gray area that made me truly uncomfortable to place any belief structure on them.

“The art and science of hypnosis--
-it really works!”

Erin R., Victoria, BC, Canada

“But hypnosis has been shown to link both science and “the unknowns” of brain function. This is exciting news.

“I found Melani on one of my random trips down my apartment elevator. If it weren’t for her business advertisement and word FREE session, I probably wouldn’t have given hypnosis a second thought. But because I was feeling like I was trapped in a void with no direction in sight, what was there to lose? I made the call and a friendly voice answered. My first appointment answered all my questions in the most fascinating way. Not only that but hypnosis in fact DID work on me despite my analytical barriers.

“I find Melani to be one of the most humbling, honest and sincere persons I have had the pleasure of meeting. Not very often does one get the chance to work with such a genuine and caring therapist. I felt accepted, and Melani made me feel like I could overcome anything. She explained hypnosis to me in way so easy and so interesting; I found it hard not to learn more. Melani is more than a therapist is, she is a true friend and she injects enthusiasm and passion into the art and science of hypnosis like I’ve never seen.

“I guess the biggest thing is ... I have changed in so many ways through hypnosis, it does work. It proves the mind can be managed and re-taught, that it can overcome even the deepest of fears and trauma’s, that it isn’t just a means of hilarious entertainment or harsh revealing. Hypnosis bridges the gap between our need to change what harms us and our means to change those things in a safe environment.

“If ever I have applauded an alternative therapy that works so well, it would have to be hypnosis. I would encourage anyone from any mindset to simply give it a try. Most likely you will be more surprised than you ever thought you’d be.”

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