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A Few Words About Us

Victoria's Quit Smoking Clinic is a well established clinical hypnotherapy center that continues to remain on the leading edge, incorporating the integration of several techniques into each individual program. The clinic is located in Canada’s beautiful Victoria, B.C. and is board certified, registered and licensed. We are active members of a number of professional organizations like the American Hypnosis Association. Victoria's Quit Smoking Clinic is particularly proud to be British Columbia’s ‘Smoking Cessation Specialist’. We have helped hundreds of people become non-smokers with our unique ‘One Session Program’.

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Our enormous success has, and is, determined by the quality, integrity and commitment of our service. We are fast, effective, liberating, and guaranteed in writing. Our focus is solely devoted to our client’s success. There is nothing more efficient, nor more powerful, than the subconscious mind.

One session / Two Year Guarantee
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Victoria’s Quit Smoking

 Voice Testimonials:

Victoria`s Quit Smoking Clinic really works!  Hear actual testimonials, from EX-smokers, now saving thousands of dollars YOU are spending on cigarettes!

Since 2006 we have empowered our clients to achieve effective and permanent change in their lives in just one session.

One Session Program

Imagine being able to quit smoking in one session. Imagine walking into our office, an avid smoker, sitting down and relaxing…then getting up and walking out a non-smoker for life. NO URGE, NO CRAVING and NO DESIRE TO EVER SMOKE AGAIN.
Victoria’s Quit Smoking

Why Us?

  • No Cravings
  • No Withdrawals
  • Free assessment
  • Hypnosis is natural
  • Written Guarantee
  • No needles or lasers
  • Hypnosis is non-invasive
  • Has no known side effects
  • No chemicals or medications
  • No nicotine patches, gums, inhalers,

What the mind believes...the mind creates.TM

Pick up the phone and call and let us facilitate through the art and science of hypnosis your desire and craving to smoke into an incredible desire and craving for health and vitality!

Victoria's Quit Smoking Clinic

Victoria’s Quit Smoking

Victoria, British Columbia

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